Sustainability & Balloons

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

As with all things in life your activities have an impact on the environment. Balloons are no different, that's why we select our balloons with care.

We use Qualatex products exclusively for all our creations. Why?

• Latex is harvested by tapping the rubber tree in a manner that does not harm the tree.

• Each tree—and there are billions—consumes CO2,thus reducing global warming.

• When latex is processed, each part of the product is used.

• After the tree no longer produces latex, it is harvested and its wood is turned into lumber

.• Each year mature trees are tapped, old trees are harvested, new trees are planted, and CO2 is consumed.

Qualatex is natural, biodegradable and from a renewable source. Not all suppliers are equal and we care think using these products helps make your enjoyment of our creation that little bit better.

1908067_INT_Qualatex Natural Product Pos
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